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Star Wars Episode Ii Slave 1 Obi-wan Jango Fett Figure

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Episode Ii Slave 1 Obiwan Jango Fett
Star Wars Episode Ii Slave 1 Obiwan Jango Fett Figure Image 1

Star Wars

Model: A0892
UPS: 653569789499
Package Quantity: 1

Ideal hero Episode Ii Slave 1 . Among the many key features for this toy is the fire your pods with the slave i turbo launcher. Other features include includes 3 pods. It's dimensions are 10"H x 2.6"L x 12.99"W and it weighs roughly 0.5 lbs. For more information on this toy, check out our affilate button on this page.

Micro heroes, mega battles. The 8 figures in this incredible pack include 2 special edition figures. The Slave I pack includes 3 pods for your Star Wars battles. Get your intergalactic battle game on with all the Slave I pack. Spin, launch or roll your pods into battle. Iconic Star Wars characters get a collectible new gaming twist with this awesome Fighter Pods pack. Use your pods to knock down as many figures as feasible. When you need extra energy to knock down more figures, launch your pods using the awesome Slave I Turbo Launcher.


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