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Star Wars Jedi Force Speeder With Luke

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Jedi Force Speeder With Luke
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Model: 36918
UPS: 653569652694

Jedi Force Speeder is absolutely great to play with. Part Number 0653569652694. The Star Wars toy is 10.98" Height x 3.11" Length x 7.99" Width. Brand new Jedi Force Speeder . I would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a Star Wars toy.

Luke Skywalker is very proud of his landspeeder. It allows him to zoom more than the deserts of Tatooine on countless exciting adventures. Product Dimensions (inches) :Age: 3 years and up Pull the automobile back and let it go speeding away. This awesome 2-pack contains the noble Luke Skywalker figure and a speedy Landspeeder automobile for him to ride.


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