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Star Wars Potf Emeperor Palpatine Flashback Action Figure

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Potf Emeperor Palpatine Flashback Action


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Fun to play super heroes along with Potf Emeperor Palpatine Flashback Action from Hasbro. I really liked that the product has originally released in 1998 - retired / out of production. Additional features consist of ages 4 and up. and from hasbro. The Star Wars toy dimensions are 2"H x 4"L x 1.75"W and it has got a weight of 0.16 lbs. Lowest price Potf Emeperor Palpatine Flashback Action . To learn more about this toy, check out the add to shopping cart button on this page.

EMPEROR PALPATINE with FORCE LIGHTNING Star Wars The Power of the Force Action Figure and Episode I Flashback Photo. Ages 4 and up. Includes"force lightning"accessory and Episode I Flashback Photo. Figure measures approximately 3. From Hasbro 75 inches tall.

He's not a pretty sight, but this action figure from Hasbro's Power of the Force series is sure to delight imaginative young fans. A flexible black plastic robe enshrouds the Emperor Palpatine's hideous green face, and his upper lip is curled in its typical sneer. And although the movable arms and legs add to his intrigue, they are definitely outclassed by the two icy-blue bolts of force lightning also included. The neck moves from side to side so he can glare with jaundiced eyes at any approaching Jedi foes. Each bolt pops in to Palpatine's sleeves, just below his outstretched palms. Flash back to the days when this ugly creepster was a nicer guy (Senator Palpatine) making use of the Episode I photo included. --Liane Thomas


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