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Star Wars Stap Vehicle With Battle Droid Figure 4 Inches

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Stap Vehicle With Battle Droid Figure
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Star Wars

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Stap Vehicle With Battle Droid Figure brought to you by Star Wars is a very interesting and fabulous superhero toy. One of the several major features is the vehicle comes with figure, 2 missiles, galactic battle game card, base and die. Additional features include things like figure rides on the vehicle. The Star Wars toy dimensions are 2.99" Height x 11.42" Length x 8.27" Width.

Battle droids operate STAPs on Naboo. Your"interplanetary"adventures are about to go seriously mobile! When the battle calls for super firepower, grip the stand and press upward to launch the vehicle's missiles! Your STAP vehicle is constructed to appear just like the car inside the epic Star Wars movie and is sized just proper for your Battle Droid figure. Set your Battle Droid figure on the vehicle, then launch him into major Star Wars action! The single trooper aerial platforms (STAPs) are lightweight reconnaissance and patrol vehicles armed with blaster cannons. They are element of the enormous battle droid army deployed by the Trade Federation to seize manage of the peaceful planet.


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