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Star Wars Clone Wars Dvd Set Legacy Of Terror Obi Wan Kenobi And Clone Trooper

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Star Wars Clone Wars Dvd Set Legacy


Model: 31677/30411 LEGACY OF TERROR
UPS: 653569606901
Package Quantity: 1

Star Wars Clone Wars Dvd Set Legacy , a great product manufactured by Hasbro is so very thrilling to play with. I definitely liked that the item has the feature of includes: two figures, 2 battle bases, 2 battle games cards, dvd, and game die. Additional features include figures approx. 3 1/2" high. and the clone wars dvd set 1 of 2. Looking for Star Wars Clone Wars Dvd Set Legacy .

Play the Galactic Battle Game with your favorite Star Wars heroes and villians! Will you use the Force, Battle Skills or your Luck to win? DVD: Obi-Wan and clone troopers discover a macabre legacy of terror on Geonosis. Pay employing the 2 dueling cards, 2 battle bases and 1 game die inside. The Jedi General and a team of clone troopers enter a Geonosian temple and find an underground hive of undead Geonosian warriors, their menacing queen - and the frightening brain worms she uses to manage her zombie army.


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