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Diamond Select Toys Star Wars: Jawa Vinyl Bank

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Toys Star Wars Jawa Vinyl Bank

Diamond Select Toys

Model: JUN121780
UPS: 699788100813
Package Quantity: 1

Toys Star Wars: Jawa Vinyl Bank made by Diamond Select Toys has to be your childs top brand-new hero toy doll! One of the several key characteristics for these toys is the vinyl bank recreates one of the film saga's familiar scavengers. Other highlights include things like bank stands 9" high and a diamond select release. The toy dimensions are 3" Height x 9" Length x 3" Width. It weighs just about 0.45 lbs. The barcode aka the "International Article Number" for this item is 0699788100813. Choosing a Toys Star Wars: Jawa Vinyl Bank .

A Diamond Select Release. Slap an inhibitor collar on your savings making use of the latest vinyl Star Wars bank from DST. Depicting one from the scavenging droid dealers from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, this 9 inch vinyl bank features a coin slot on the back for depositing credits, and is in perfect scale with DST's recent R2 D2 bank, as well as past Ultimate Quarter Scale action figures.


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