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Star Wars: Episode 1 Chancellor Valorum Action Figure

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Episode 1 Chancellor Valorum Action

Hasbro Inc

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Fantastic superhero Star Wars: Episode 1 Chancellor Valorum Action Figure by Hasbro Inc! The features include with comm tech chip and with ceremonial staff. The Star Wars toy weighs close to 0.16 lbs. To get the same great deal I found, check out the market add to cart button below.

A generation before Star Wars: A New Hope. A politically crippled puppet, Chancellor Valorum is unseated by a vote of no confidence. Chancellor Valorum comes full with ceremonial staff. Collect them all, each sold seperately. Each and each figure is roughly 4 inches in scale, is fully posable and articulated and consists of an individual Comm-Tech chip which acts as a display stand for the figure and interacts using the Comm-Tech Reader (sold seperately) to generate the figure talk! In a galaxy far, far away, an evil force is gaining strength and threatens an entire civilization. Hasbro continues the Star Wars adventure with this line of action figures for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Collectors Note: Card could or could not have sticker over warning. Two courageous Jedi, a young queen, a Gungan outcast, and a slave boy named Anakin, band together to conserve a planet beneath attack as the fate of the galaxy hangs inside the balance.


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