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Star Wars: Power Of The Force Freeze Frame Stormtrooper Action Figure

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Power Of The Force Freeze Frame Stormtrooper


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: Power Of The Force - a great product from Kenner is an excellent super hero toy doll. The product number for this is XE-L4B4-3NBD. The Star Wars toy is 3"H x 4"L x 1"W. Should you need a good deal for this toy, click on the shopping cart link below.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The Stormtrooper comes total with Imperial blaster rifle and heavy infantry cannon. Collect them all, each sold seperately. All of the figures are approximately 4 inches in scale, are fully posable and articulated. Kenner picks up exactly where they left of 10 years earlier utilizing the introduction with the Star Wars: Power with the Force action figure line. The Empire has tiny trouble forcing its will on the galaxy with its seemingly endless army of Stomrtroopers. Each figure in the Freeze Frame series contains a exclusive freeze frame action slide with an actual scene from the original Trilogy.


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